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Help & Info about FireAlpaca for windows

  • 1. What is FireAlpaca?

    FireAlpaca (FA) is a paint program for Windows and Mac. It is a fairly basic tool that lets you draw illustrations. If comes in 10 languages, by the way. The tool is fairly quick to learn and use, and doesn’t occupy much space on your hard disk. The program can be downloaded from its official website.
  • 2. Is the tool free?

    Yes, the tool is free (forever) to download and use. FireAlpaca makes money of its tool with pop-up advertisements. The advert shows up every time you close and open the tool. This may sound annoying, but it isn’t really so. Moreover, as users, we must understand the team behind FA has to make money too.
  • 3. Is the tool ideal for beginners?

    Yes, it is. In fact, the tool is built with beginners in mind. This digital art tool would provide you everything you require as an amateur artist. If you haven’t done digital art before, you may find working with this tool a bit difficult initially. But with some work and practice, you should definitely get a hang of things.
  • 4. What are the basic drawing tools available?

    The basic tools available comprise a pen for drawing, dot brush to do pixel art, eraser for erasing, shape tool to draw basic shapes, bucket tool to pour colors, select tool to make selections, gradient tool for simple dual-color gradients, etc. The list is quite big.
  • 5. What brushes are available?

    There are multiple brushes to choose from. You can also use pen for multiple functions, and paint with watercolor and pencil as well. The eraser brush, as the name indicates, erases and there’s an FA brush that helps draw with the FA symbol.
  • 6. What are the brush customizations like?

    Before you choose a brush, you can take a neat little preview of it. During this preview, you can alter the opacity and size of the brush. You can also make such alterations while drawing, which is if you need a thinner or thicker or a less noticeable line.
  • 7. Are users restricted to the default brushes?

    No, you can add in more brushes to the mix. If for some reason you are not happy with the set of brushes that come default with the tool, you can download new brushes you created or made by others. Moreover, you can code brushes by yourself through scripts.
  • 8. Will FA work on tablet computers?

    If FA’s drivers work without qualms on your primary computer, there’s no reason why the tool should not function on your tablet PC. If the tool doesn’t work on a tablet by default, certain things may need a bit of adjusting.
  • 9. Do keyboard shortcuts work?

    Yes, keyboard shortcuts work with FA. In fact, there is a list of them. To learn more about the shortcuts available, search for the same online. A few examples are Cmmd + X = Cut, and Shift = drawing a straight line. These shortcuts can be altered as well before starting a project. Head to Shortcut Settings to make those changes.
  • 10. Can FA help build websites?

    Technically, it’s possible to build websites using FA. But it’s definitely not the recommended route. It’s best to stick to a program that’s primarily designed to help build websites. FA’s focus is digital art and not web development.


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