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Free image editing software for PC

FireAlpaca is a feature-packed, useful, and easy-to-use image editor for Windows PCs. With this program, you can conveniently edit offline as well as digital images. Like MS Paint, Livebrush, and PaintTool SAI, FireAlpaca comes with a range of tools to edit, print, and optimize images. The lightweight tool runs smoothly on multiple versions of Windows and doesn’t affect system resources.

Compared to comprehensive multimedia editing programs like Adobe Photoshop, FireAlpaca is a basic photo editor, but it still comes with all the standard features expected in an image editor. These include a color picker, filters, effects, and layers. If you’re looking for a free multimedia tool as an alternative to a heavy-duty app, FireAlpaca is a good option.

Simple interface, multiple features, and free usage

Digital artists around the world are continuously seeking software compatible with Mac and Windows PCs. If you’re one of them, you’ll find FireAlpaca to be a good choice. The free app is powerful, and makes it easier to work on editing projects. Since it comes with basic functions and features, illustrating is an easy and quick process. Whether you’re using an older computer or a next-gen machine, FireAlpaca will prove to be a reliable, fast, and hassle-free application.

Like most image editing programs, this one comes with basics editing features such as pencil, move tool, selection tool, brushes, bucket, eyedropper, eraser, and more. You can also easily manipulate shapes and symmetry, and use various pen and gradient tools. With the simple interface, even beginners can start using the program from the get-go.

Can you customize FireAlpaca’s appearance?

FireAlpaca is a completely free platform, and doesn’t require a subscription or fee. Currently, it’s available in more than 10 languages. The image editor comes with a clean interface, which supports quick navigation options. You can easily access tabs like filters, edit, file, layer, etc. Everything has been lined up properly in the toolbar.

FireAlpaca supports a ‘Flexible Windows’ feature, which will catch your attention immediately after launching the program. With this feature, you can move window panes from left to right. These panes can also be left in a floating state anywhere in the interface. In fact, there’s also an overlay feature, which lets the window panes appear on top of other apps. In addition to this, the photo editing platform allows you to cancel or add windows.  

The program has various customization options to change the main window’s appearance, color, font, etc. This lets you personalize the user experience, and makes sure you don’t get bored of the program’s visual appeal.

What are the features?

As mentioned earlier, the photo editor comes with multiple features to attract digital artists from across the globe. For instance, you can use tools like eraser, selection, pencil, move, eyedropper, bucket, and the hand. Additionally, the app has a shape, gradient, and pen tool for working on shapes and symmetry. As such, FireAlpaca has become the perfect alternative to paid design software available for Windows PCs.

You don’t need any comprehensive training to use the image editing tools of FireAlpaca as the editing tool is user-friendly. Immediately after downloading and installing the app, you can start using rotate, filters, flip, layers, canvas, resize, and other features. You can also use these tools to organize and generate images.

The multimedia editing platform also features perspective tools like multiple views, cancellation lines, and more. With the 3D perspective, the image editing program lets you swap 3D objects. There are also built-in templates and panel layouts for comic book artists.

Are there any advanced features?

FireAlpaca comes with some advanced features, including support for multiple file formats. These include PNG, JPEG, Bitmap, PSD, FireAlpaca Document, and more. Unlike other free photo editing tools, this one lets you open and save PSD files.

Some advanced functionalities available in the program include Color Picker, Brush Control, Smudge Tool, etc. With other functions, you get more control over window panes and the placement of various icons in the program. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘Favorites’ section in the menu. Tools like pencil, eraser, pen, Magic Wand, hand, airbrush, and bucket focus on easy navigation and selection. As such, the multimedia editor is also good enough for touchscreen laptops and tablets.

What’s the Snap feature?

FireAlpaca has a useful ‘Snap’ feature, which creates a number of perspective overlays, including Radial, Crisscross, Parallel, and Vanishing Point. These overlays can be dragged around the image, while you can also make other changes like zooming in and out. According to most users, the perspective overlays in this image editor are an excellent choice for creating anime, illustrations, and comics.

With the Radial Snap, a line radiates from a central point in the program. It can be conveniently dragged around and resized. As you build up the image and work on the project, this feature can help you create a dramatic perspective overlay. In the end, you’ll get an action-filled and dynamic sequence.

With the hassle-free photo editor, you can color and draw customized image elements. Additionally, you can also modify images in multiple layers. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘Help’ file, just in case you experience any issues. But that’s not really a deal-breaker, because the simple interface does help you learn the ins and outs of the tool within a few minutes.

A good choice to enhance your favorite photos

FireAlpaca is a simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate multimedia editing program. If you’re familiar with other editing software, it shouldn’t take much time to get used to this interface. While there’s no dedicated ‘Help’ file, the platform offers a few pop-ups to guide you through the editing process. The only drawback is the introduction of disruptive advertisements every time you launch the app. Hopefully, the ads will be made less intrusive in the upcoming version update.


  • Comes with multiple features
  • Free to use
  • Supports layers and effects
  • Comes with a simple interface


  • Displays ads on startup

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

FireAlpaca for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2.8.11
  • 3.6

  • Security Status

User reviews about FireAlpaca

  • mat'ie

    by mat'ie

    I using it for some sketch and sometimes mind map note taking, it's smooth and have important tools

  • ShitstainShann

    by ShitstainShann

    It's a very easy to use, fast, constantly updating and free piece of software that allows for awesome illustrations and animations! I adore this.

  • Haru 春

    by Haru 春

    it's a very good painting app and i really recommend it :)
    and its completly free!! i love this app



    Not only is it an image editor, it can be used as a drawing tool, which is AWSOME!

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It is very good for beginners and it is easy to use for drawing

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Save your work often, still glitchy, but great! SAVE YOUR WORK OFTEN.
    Can destroy your precious work if poorly closed.Very buggy at times (requi More


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